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Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care (BARC) logo.

The Bhutan Animal Care and Rescue (BARC) was established under the CSO Act of Bhutan on June 14, 2013, with registration number CSO/PBO-26. The vision, mission and values of the BARC are as follows:

Vision:  “To stimulate the progression of Bhutan’s society towards Gross National Happiness (GNH), where animals are treated and cared for with respect, kindness and compassion, and where a healthy and happy co-existence of animals and humans is the norm”.

Mission Statement: The Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care (BARC) aims to achieve its vision through:

  • The establishment of ‘Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care Centers’ and a ‘Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center’, with high standard animal rescue, shelter and medical treatment services;
  • Advocacy, awareness and education programmes to promote the importance of animal welfare and practicing kindness and compassion in action towards animals.

Values:  BARC bases its existence and actions on the intrinsic value of animals, independent from the utility value which animals may have for humans. Animals are sentient beings with feelings, consciousness and integrity and need to be treated with respect, kindness and compassion. BARC strives to alleviate suffering of animals and to promote the GNH-value of happiness. BARC also strive to function as an ethically responsible organization.

Our goals: The BARC’s primary beneficiaries are animals, while as secondary beneficiaries also Humans will benefit. The two main goals of the BARC are:

1) to protect the welfare of animals, and

2) to promote the healthy co-existence of animals and humans.

The BARC aims to achieve these goals through amongt others:

  • Promoting a GNH-based Society with compassion for animals;
  • Animal Welfare:animal rescue and treatment services for domesticated animals and a Wildlife Rescue and Re-integration programme;
  • Awareness, networking and dialogue.